This time a story from Steve Brightwell:

“I am now convinced that the absolute greatest impact I can make is through personal investment in the disciple-making process with a handful of willing and responsive new believers. I also believe it is the most effective strategy for planting a missional movement.

“This led me to my current situation: doing it. The missional movement seems to be coming about (slower rather than instantly) as I work and pray at forming a group of recovered alcoholics and addicts that are learning (along with me) to follow Jesus.

“Before this, I was a religious executive mostly involved with building a missional organization. It kept me busy for long hours and satisfied a strong work ethic and fairly high energy level.

“Now, I’m available. Things are quite a bit slower and something in my demented mind keeps telling me that’s evil. I should be busier! But as I look around and see the Kingdom fruit, I’m reminded that maybe I’m just demented.

“I’m confident that it won’t be long before I have the opportunity to wrap back up in that warm familiar blanket of frantic rushing around and doing the Lord’s work. So I pray; O God, save me from SELF both now and when that time comes. Help me find the new balance.”

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