Learning styles are something we often think of in terms of a classroom:  some kids learn by hearing, some kids learn by seeing, etc. But the concept applies outside the classroom to any kind of learning. Recently one of my leaders in ViaCordis had an ah-ha moment about learning styles. She shared this insight from a ministry experience one evening:

“I’ve been wondering whether we should consider learning styles and started thinking about how much I learn by doing. Earlier this evening John came up to me and mentioned that he was trying to understand the scripture we were reading and it wasn’t sinking in. He asked me what to do. I shared that the Holy Spirit helps us understand the scripture and said he should ask God to speak to him as he reads. I don’t think what I said sunk in. I think he most likely learns by doing. Later in the evening Carla mentioned that she learns by hearing. Some of the other residents were asking for books to read. So in one day, the Lord brought to my attention that people have been asking for what they need in terms of learning styles!”

To what degree do you take learning styles into account in your ministry? What do you have for people who learn by hearing? By reading? By hands-on experience? By watching?