Too many people in church leadership are not disciples or making disciples. No wonder we have the problems we have in our churches. When disciples are fully trained they become like their teacher. Is that really what we want? Are we modeling what we want people to do? Because they will become like us. Unless we as leaders engage in our own discipleship and help others engage in theirs, we’ll never see the kind of fruit we want to see.

We desperately need the transforming power of Jesus in our lives. If we are to live out what God’s calling us to live out, we really need to be changed. Change and transformation are the result of our interaction with God. As we experience that life change and power, it influences how we live and how we impact others. As ministry leaders, we often think of how to help others become disciples, but in reality we’re the ones who probably need it. What a powerful testimony it would be if God got hold of us and helped us experience real transformation.