If you’re putting together a training system, a coaching structure, a discipleship approach, a leadership development plan—almost anything—there are five core elements you’ll need to put into place to make a truly great system:

  1. Keep it focused. Have a clear understanding of what you’re aiming for and keep that understanding always in the forefront.
  2. Keep it simple. Don’t make it too complicated. Skip the bells and whistles and boil it down the essentials.
  3. Keep it flexible: If you have clarity on your goal, you can be flexible enough with the method to cooperate with what you see God doing. (see #1)
  4. Keep it relational: Instead of a lecture hall environment, go with relational environments where people can walk alongside one another, being supported and be empowered.
  5. Keep it reproducible: Make sure that whatever you’re doing is something that those you are developing can turn around and do with others.  (see #2)

Take a look at the systems you currently have in place. Evaluate them in light of these five elements. What do you have? What’s missing? What needs to change?