We sow seeds, make investments, and sometimes (not always) we see the fruit of those efforts. I recently received an email from a man with some of that fruit to share. He wrote that he was a church planter who had just celebrated the one-year-anniversary of his church—a great-granddaughter church to the one I planted in Alta Loma, California many years ago.

Among his influences, he counted a seminary course I taught, an internship experience at the church I planted, some cluster coaching sessions with me, and a few informal lunches. He wrote, “Those sessions with Bob were a huge blessing to me and helped shape me into the church planter I have become.”

I was proud and honored to hear from this church planter, especially as things are coming full circle and I’ll apparently be seeing him again soon: “A few weeks back someone from the national office invited me to join a new coaching network that we’re launching and I was excited to find out that Bob Logan was going to be the trainer! I look forward to a whole new round of training with Bob beginning this May.”

You just never know what God is going to do. May you see many returns on your own ministry investments.