Barnabas Coach Training

As a ministry leader, you want to develop people who can engage in incarnational missional ministry. You want to develop people who can come alongside others to develop them as well. You want a relational– yet effective– means of making disciples.

What you need is a simple, reproducible way to train coaching skills within the local church setting. Barnabas Coach Training is a complete turnkey system that a local church or ministry can use to provide basic coach training for their own members onsite.

Barnabas Coach Training makes use of video training units along with practical exercises, and is designed to be facilitated onsite by someone who has already received some coach training. Participants receive coaching as they learn the coaching skills essential for effective, relational ministry. By the end of the six-month training process, the new coaches are able to apply those skills to developing others.

For anyone who wants to make disciples and help other people, these are core basic skills that, when practiced, increase the fruitfulness of ministry. Barnabas Coach Training can help you get coaching into the overall DNA of your church, sowing the seeds of a coaching culture and making the concept and practices very accessible to laypeople.

We’ve done the field-testing, and it’s gone quite well. Now we’re ready to release this training for wider distribution. Connect with Dave DeVries at or visit the Barnabas Coach Training page to find out more.

*Note that Barnabas Coach Training is not meant to replace more comprehensive coach training for certification, but simply to help believers in the local church increase their effectiveness in coming alongside others.