Find your Focus

*Identify your passion
*Create a growth plan
*Commit to excellence

Once we have fallen down enough times, odds are we’ll start to get the hang of something. You have to be bad at many things before you can be good at one thing. Maybe a round of student teaching in the inner city helps someone discover that his passion for reaching teens has a sweet spot on the basketball court rather than in the classroom. Maybe some involvement in helping lead worship brings about the discovery of a passion for songwriting. Maybe some conversations with homeless people bring into focus a calling to advocate against domestic violence… from there the path could lead to social work, law school, or volunteering at a shelter for battered women.

After a while of ministering in different environments, in both systematic and spontaneous ways, we’ll increasingly get in touch with what God has embedded deeply in our heart. Something within us will resonate with particular needs; we’ll get in touch with our passion. From there we create a path of growth. What do we need to learn? How can we grow in skills and knowledge? Who can help us? As we grow, we commit to excellence. Although we’ll never be perfect, we can commit to putting forth our best effort toward what God has called us to do. We can do things well, not taking shortcuts and not cutting corners.