Involve Others

*Identify the right people
*Invest in their development
*Encourage and challenge them

Once we have been involved in ministry and found our focus, we need to involve others in ministry as well. Ministry, regardless of the form it takes, is never a go-it-alone kind of endeavor. That remains true even for areas like intercession, counseling, and teaching. There are always creative ways to involve others:  networking intercessors together, mentoring new counselors, giving portions of a lesson to new teachers.  One man I knew early in my ministry in a more traditional church was passionate about being an usher. Over the years he involved and trained four or five generations of ushers in that church by using this process.

The goal is to find other people who can do what you do. If what you’re doing is good, then others can do it too and that would be even better. People grow as they serve, and by involving others in your ministry you can help them grow spiritually. You can invest in their development by coming alongside them relationally and helping them learn new skills. As people try new things, they will make a lot of mistakes. Expect that, be patient, and cheer on what they’re doing right. No one can learn to play the piano overnight. Create an environment that is safe for stumbling and learning and growing. And by all means, always look for the potential in people so you can encourage and challenge them onward.