Make a Difference

*Show up
*Do something
*Give of yourself

Following in the footsteps of Jesus is not passive—it’s active. Making a difference is the exploratory first step toward finding our calling. To find out what unique contribution God has for us to make in this world, we have to start with a process of trial and error, risk-taking and stepping outside of our comfort zone. None of us knows where we fit at first. Open-minded exploration gives us the opportunity to experience a wide variety of ministry environments:  caring for the created world, setting up chairs for the worship service, taking in a foster child, teaching job skills to the unemployed, facilitating a support group, greeting newcomers, having people over to your home, bringing meals to the sick, helping people grieve, running the sound system for a worship service.

There are an infinite number of ways to make a difference in this world, and we all need to start somewhere. The best starting place is simply showing up. We show up—consistently and faithfully—and we take the initiative to meet the needs that God places in front of us. We give of ourselves to make a difference. This is the most basic definition of ministry. As we are involved in ministry, we try different things and we see what God is blessing. Sometimes the small things—an around someone, a word of encouragement—can make a disproportionate difference. And sometimes we branch out only to discover things we are not good at or that God is not blessing. As a ski instructor once said, “If you’re not falling down, you’re not learning.”