Look in the Mirror reflectionThis blog post is part of a series of nine entries, each highlighting one of the nine Journey Guides. Each Journey Guide is a three-week discipleship study. They can be engaged separately or as a series.

As we try to follow in the footsteps of Jesus, it’s essential that we engage in some self-reflection once in a while. As human beings, we’re in a constant cycle of growth and change no matter what our age. Where do we need to grow? Where do we need to pay attention? Where do we need to repent? Where do we need to shift our focus? Where is God calling us to next? Those answers will be different for every person and will be different at every step along the way of our journey. So start where you are right now. To engage in self-reflection, take some time to ask yourself the hard questions. Ask others who know you well for their feedback. Ask God what he wants to say to you. What does he have for you next? Practice humility and open your heart to the possibility of change, for wherever God is at work, there will be change.

Ask each other these questions to help one another journey along the way in this area:

  • What insights are you gaining from self-reflection? What feedback have others given you?
  • What does God seem to be saying to you?
  • How can you best engage with the change process?

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