See Lives Transformed

Discipleship - Logan LeadershipWhy did you go into ministry in the first place? Most likely you wanted to make disciples, see lives changed, see the Kingdom of God advanced. You wanted to see transformation.

Churches and ministries only grow as well as the disciples they develop. It’s time to go back to the basics with a focus on discipleship. We can help you create a simple, relational, yet focused system that can help you get traction for making disciples at all levels.

Knowledge and action coming together

Two characters, Rob and Jim, from my latest book discuss the issue of holistic discipleship as they try to lay out what the behavior of a disciple looks like in everyday life. How would you draw the diagram they’re talking through? Rob created a diagram of...

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Focus your anger

Those of you who know me know I love biking. Recently I was riding my bike on a nice large street. It wasn’t even crowded. So I was shocked when a pickup truck passed me 25 feet before an intersection and proceeded to turn right directly in front of me. I started...

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Obedience and knowledge

The essence of discipleship is "teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you" (Matt 28:20a).  It's not just about teaching knowledge, but about teaching obedience so people can live into what Jesus taught and how he lived. That's the point. In some cases,...

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Paradox Lost

Check out this book by Richard P. Hansen-- Paradox Lost: Rediscovering the Mystery of God. Although it’s not in my usual set of coaching/leadership books, the points he makes have great impact on how we can approach ministry in today’s cultural climate. In our desire...

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What are we aiming for?

One pastor was doing a post-mortem on his latest discipleship class. “It just isn’t working,” he told a friend. “I’m not getting the results I was hoping for.” “What results were you hoping for?” asked the friend. No wonder we often don’t get the results we want…....

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Get an online discipleship assessment

As someone who has been in ministry in one way or another for over 35 years, I noticed a gap in the field recently. We have assessments for leaders, pastors, and church planters, but how do we know if someone is a disciple? That’s really the starting point and...

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Stroke of Grace: Dieter Zander

Many of you have heard of Dieter Zander. He was pastored New Song Church, one of the churches planted out of the one I had started. A dynamic speaker, musician and worship leader, Dieter suffered a stroke in 2008: I slept right through the moment that changed my life....

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Nonlinear Discipleship

Many years ago when I was discipling a man at my church, I had a clear plan for how discipleship should go. We were scheduled to be doing the section on prayer, but the man wanted to talk about a specific idol in his life. It completely derailed my discipleship plan,...

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