Church Planting

Living the Book of Acts

Church Planting - Logan LeadershipWe understand the challenges involved in starting a new ministry from scratch. We also understand the amazing possibilities. If you’re considering planting a church or are in the early stages, we’d love to walk alongside you through the process.

We can help you understand the different stages of planting a church—from vision to team building to leadership development. We can help you think through the essential issues to consider along the way—including prayer, finances, structure, and outreach.

And if you have a vision for planting not just one church, but many churches– a multiplying movement of churches — then you’ll definitely want to connect with us to be better prepared and resourced for the amazing adventure that lies ahead.

Church Planting Canada

Last week I was in Vancouver Canada at a gathering for Church Planting Canada addressing crucial issues in church planting. It was very encouraging to see the number of people who were actually practitioners seeking to be incarnational and missional. I talked about...

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Multiply Communities

*Respond to the Spirit *Start new initiatives *Bridge to new cultures Multiplying whole communities of Jesus followers may seem like a rather big-picture and complex endeavor, and it’s certainly not something that everyone is supposed to spearhead. But it is something...

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John Wesley

As many of you who know me are aware, one of my personal heroes is John Wesley. I love it that not only did he lead evangelistic meetings that brought thousands to Christ, but that he also created a follow-up system for the post-conversion period. In doing so, he...

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The starfish group

One woman in my church plant has started a new group. One of the members, new to both the group and the church, wanted to call the group “the starfish group,” after the book The Starfish and the Spider—with the idea being that the group is set up to multiply right...

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Start with listening prayer

Yesterday, our house church spent time in listening prayer. We asked God questions and waited quietly to sense the promptings of the Holy Spirit. Questions raised included ones like: Lord, what should be be asking you? What have you already shown us? Where are...

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If you’re not falling, you’re not learning

Learning to do ministry is like learning to ski; we can’t do it in a classroom. There may be certain elements that could be described in a classroom, but any self-respecting ski instructor is going to take you out on the slopes first thing. You start at the lowest...

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