When I start coaching someone, one of the first questions I ask is, “What do you want our coaching time to help you accomplish?” Only once has someone answered, “I want to be the next Bob Logan.” It was Peyton Jones. A few weeks ago, I sat down with Peyton to talk about his new book, Church Plantology.

church plantology

Church Plantology

Church Plantology (a term Peyton coined) is the study of church planting. The book prizes principles over methodology as methodology is ever changing whereas principles are timeless. 

It is my humble opinion that Church Plantology is going to be a great contribution to the Kingdom of God. In many ways it is a precursor to The Church Planting Journey. 

In our interview, we talk about the book and rediscovering what’s been there all along. Peyton also outlines 3 great things to do instead of church plant.

Link to my interview with Peyton


Here are some fun quotes from our conversation:

Church planting is always the effect not the cause. - Peyton Jones Click To Tweet

Methodology changes with every generation. Timeless principles of church planting can be used anywhere anytime by anyone. - Peyton Jones Click To Tweet

Science are the principles in how it works, the art is how you apply that. - Peyton Jones Click To Tweet

Who you are determines how you plant. - Bob Logan and Neil Cole Click To Tweet

At the grassroots, all effective ministries look the same- Bob Logan. Click To Tweet

When the church becomes the thing and not Jesus, you’re in the wrong business. - Peyton Jones Click To Tweet

Church Plantology is going to be a great contribution to the kingdom of God. - Bob Logan Click To Tweet

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