In missional living, the essential starting point is to lead by example. The beginning of any journey of leading your church in a more missional direction is you personally living missionally. Without that foundational piece in place, any broader organizational change won’t go anywhere. So what are you doing personally? You don’t have to be great at it. You just have to be living it and modeling it.

Here are a couple of ideas for getting started:

Get to know some people who aren’t already followers of Jesus. How might you meet those people in a natural way? Join a book club, a PTA, a volleyball team… something that you enjoy that gives you natural relational connections.

Volunteer somewhere. If you’re on staff at a church, that doesn’t mean you can’t volunteer somewhere else: a school, a treatment center, a battered women’s shelter, a food pantry.

Tell personal stories about what you’re involved in. That will help cast vision for missional living, and when people hear what you’re doing, it will encourage them to get involved too.