As you process and begin to live missionally, do it alongside some other people. You don’t have to get everybody on board, but if you look around there’s almost certainly someone who would like to do it with you. I’m serving alongside Art (pictured here) at a transitional living center helping people dealing with recovery issues. We’re providing discipling and life skills training to help them grow more fully as God intended.

Remember—you don’t need everyone and you don’t even need very many people. Just a handful who are receptive and willing to go on the adventure with you. As you begin exploring the possibilities you’ll find that there are plenty of people who are willing to talk about serving, but significantly fewer who are willing to do it. You’ll also likely find that new followers of Jesus are the most receptive. Pray and ask God who could join you in this missional journey? Look for people in whom God is already working.

Don’t focus on those who aren’t willing to engage, but on those who are. And once someone is with you, you’ll find it’s a whole lot easier to live this way when you’re doing it alongside others.