“…any organization also needs a commitment to values and their constant reaffirmation, as a human body needs vitamins and minerals. There has to be something ‘this organization stands for,’ or else it degenerates into disorganization, confusion, and paralysis.” — Peter Drucker

What does your organization stand for? There’s your vision and mission statements of course, but if you asked a few random people within your organization what you stand for, what might they say? Family values? Bible knowledge? Experiences of the Holy Spirit? What really fires people up and gets them excited? What do they care about? What are they willing to work toward? The answers people give you to these tell you a lot about what your ministry organization really stands for.

Now what if you asked some people outside your ministry organization who live nearby? What might they say you stand for? That tells you even more about what your ministry really stands for.

Here are a few good coaching questions to help you think more deeply about this area:

  • How have you reinforced your organizational values?
  • What stories have you told that have reinforced the values?
  • How have you affirmed the values in the last 30 days?
  • How do you live out the values personally?