This entry is the fourth in a four-part series on what it takes to build a coaching culture. Many pastors and leaders want to have coaching be part of the very fabric of how they do ministry– they want it to permeate their whole discipleship and leadership development process. Yet few manage to make that happen. Why? What’s needed?

Element #4: a clear and reproducible method

So you are a leader who is committed to engaging in coaching seriously (#1), you have cast a clear and compelling vision of a coaching culture for your people (#2), and you are committed to the long-term process of raising up new coaches (#3).

Now what? Now you need to make it as easy and clear as possible for other people to follow the process and engage in coaching themselves. In a word, you need to create a reproducible method.

Unless you have a clear and reproducible method, you have the era of the Judges, where everyone does what is right in their own eyes. That produces hit and miss results at best. Instead, how can you standardize the process, making it clear for your people what you want them to do?

MyCoachLog provides one way to make coaching readily reproducible throughout an organization. MyCoachLog is designed not only for individuals but for organizational use: with your own logo and your own template questions that reflect the group’s philosophy and direction. In this way, you are thinking systemically rather than just individually, being intentional about modeling behaviors that are not just intuitive for you, but could be easily reproduced by someone observing you.

To watch a five-minute overview of how MyCoachLog works, click here.