Part of a series inspired by Peter Drucker, an important mentor of mine

“Every organization needs performance in three major areas: It needs direct results; building of values and their reaffirmation; and building and developing of people for tomorrow.” – Peter Drucker

What does this mean for the church?  What do those three areas look like for us?

  • direct results. The church does not exist just to exist—it exists for a greater purpose: to make disciples. That is the mission Jesus left us with. The direct result of the church is to make disciples.
  •  build and reaffirm values. What are the values of the church?  We need to be clear on what we’re really about. Take the time to clarify your church’s values—and make sure they line up with the values of the Kingdom of God.
  •  build and develop people for tomorrow. As the living Body of Christ, we look not only at today but at tomorrow. We invest in people who will become new leaders in the future; for only through developing our people can we increase our ministry capacity.

Take time today to think through how these three areas play out in your ministry organization.