What does the consulting process look likeGood consulting starts with an honest conversation with you as the leader about where you currently are with your ministry and what you want to accomplish. We connect, talk, and figure it out. That initial conversation is essential for discerning what the path forward will look like, because it all depends on what you want to accomplish.

From there, we can help you design a clear process to help you get where you want to go. Often that process starts with a diagnosis. Think about it from a medical perspective: it’s always a good idea to get a thorough, accurate diagnosis before getting a prescription. Otherwise you may or may not be treating the actual problem. You may even be making it worse. So I often employ such tactics as focus groups, interviews with staff, and research to get accurately at the heart of what’s going on.

Then we come back together, involving the right people in the process, to hear the results– not just in the form of a report but in a way that’s transformational. It’s a very spiritual process to really help people see reality, hear what God has for them, and then step onto a clear path to move forward. When combined with follow up coaching, you can effect powerful change even in difficult situations.

What you can expect from a consultation with Logan Leadership:

  • Listening to determine what you are trying to accomplish and clarifying your goals
  • No pre-set agenda and no pre-set resources
  • Careful diagnostic work
  • Expanding your menu of options
  • Assistance with the planning process
  • Skill development, if needed
  • Celebration of progress

Contact us to discuss your specific consulting needs.