aimingOne pastor was doing a post-mortem on his latest discipleship class. “It just isn’t working,” he told a friend. “I’m not getting the results I was hoping for.”

“What results were you hoping for?” asked the friend. No wonder we often don’t get the results we want…. sometimes we don’t even know for sure what we’re aiming for! If we don’t know where the target is– or even what the target is– how can we be expected to hit it? Often we think we’ll know it when we see it, but will we?

Take some time to think through what a disciple actually looks like? What does he or she do?

  • What qualities and behaviors are you seeking to develop in disciples?
  • What steps can you take with others to sharpen your picture of a growing disciple?
  • Where are you progressing well as a disciple? What’s next in your development as a disciple?

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The Discipleship Difference: Making Disciples While Growing As Disciples

“Why am I even bothering to do this?” Rob thought to himself as he stacked the chairs. The sky outside the window was darkening, and he could hear the last of the cars pulling out of the church parking lot.We invest a lot of time, thought and energy into our discipleship efforts. We teach classes, […]

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