paradox lostCheck out this book by Richard P. Hansen– Paradox Lost: Rediscovering the Mystery of God. Although it’s not in my usual set of coaching/leadership books, the points he makes have great impact on how we can approach ministry in today’s cultural climate.

In our desire to figure things out, we try hard to reduce God to a system we can understand. But the reality of God is too big and too complex for us to fully comprehend. Rich Hansen understands that the solution is not to quit trying, but rather to get comfortable with living in tension. As we embrace the mystery and paradox of God, we come to know him at deeper levels that go far beyond what we can figure out and control.”

Get Rich’s book to discover more about how tensions and unanswerable questions can draw us to God rather than creating barriers to faith.

Paradox Lost: Rediscovering the Mystery of God

Too often the tensions and unanswerable questions of Scripture and the Christian life are seen as barriers to faith. In Paradox Lost, pastor and author Richard Hansen shows that they are exactly the opposite—indeed, God’s mysteries are one of the places where we may encounter him most closely. In exchange for Enlightenment-based rationalism that can […]

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