Here’s an exercise I use sometimes to resort my priorities.  It’s like unpacking grocery sacks. Take everything you’re currently doing out of the bag and examine it.  Pray and get clarity on your priorities.  Then only reload those items into the bag that apply to those priorities.  What to do with the leftovers?  The things that don’t apply to our current priorities?  Either throw them out, give them away, or put them on a 30-day waitlist.  After a month, you can review that list again. Sometimes you’ll be able to put those items back into the bag by then.  Other times you’ll decide they really do need to be thrown out or given away.  We all tend to accumulate a bunch of junk that we carry around that we don’t really need, and this process of unloading and reloading helps me sift through my priorities.

What process do you use that helps you?