How do you recover from the wounds received when people hurt you?  Too often people—including Christian leaders—let the wounds fester until they become infected.  Here’s a different strategy.  Although the medicine may taste bitter, it leads to long-term healing.

Whenever the pain or memory of the wound comes up, I pray that God would bless that person. Use the pain as a reminder to pray.  As many times as it comes up—and it may be 50 times a day at first—pray for God’s blessing on their life.  Over time you’ll notice that the hurt isn’t coming back up as much.  And you’ll realize you’ve been healed when God answers your prayer by blessing that person… and you’re happy about it.

Praying prayers of blessing of those who have wounded you prevents a root of bitterness from growing up within you.  God changes your heart and heals you through the process.