Are certain sins or struggles in your life strongholds? Or are they stronghabits?

A stronghold has a spiritual component to it. There is more spiritual warfare involved and we need to pray (and receive prayer) for deliverance. Some other areas of our lives may look the same way on the service, but in reality we’ve just built a strong set of habits and wrong behaviors.

In either case, prayer is essential. Yet the follow through for each may look different. With stronghabits, what we’re really talking about is behavior change. The change process can be undertaken with coaching plus spiritual support. The person must exhibit a willingness and desire to move toward change. We must ask them the question Jesus sometimes asked people, “Do you want to get well?”

It takes some discernment to tell strongholds from stronghabits. But, like my father used to say, “We need to use the proper tool for the job.” We have to know the nature of the problem before we can know the nature of the solution.