The process of training is one of your most important challenges. What is the most effective way to train team members? How do you impart skills as well as deal with the broader issues of discipling? Here are seven principles to bear in mind:

  1. Mentoring: Successful teams are those in which the loss of any one individual is minimized by the fact that every team member is training another person to take their place.
  2. Giving freedom to fail: Disciples learn by trial and error—risk taking and humility are essential.
  3. Storytelling: We cast vision for our team by use of stories and metaphors so they can touch, see, taste, and hear what they are working towards.
  4. Modeling:  As leaders we need to model not only our methods but the very way we prioritize and choose to spend our time.
  5. Empowering: We need to send our people out to do ministry with our permission and our confidence, not necessarily confidence in their success but confidence in who they are.
  6. Releasing: Those we train are not ours; they are God’s. He will lead them where he will.
  7. Celebrating landmarks: Designating certain points along the way as graduations celebrates progress and growth toward goals.