For those of you that lean toward more of a simple church model without a corporate worship service, I have a question for you. I have been seeing a trend lately in people who just have a strong desire to be part of a corporate worship service of some kind—a gathering bigger than one of our house church meetings. They want to feel that they are part of something bigger and they want to see how God is at work outside of themselves and their closer relationships. They seem to draw some specific type of encouragement to keep moving forward from a corporate worship service.

Have you noticed this trend in your churches? How have you responded? What did you do to help people feel that they are part of something bigger (which, of course, they are). Possibly something is missing in the way we do our worship. Possibly something needs to shift in the mindset and culture of our people. I don’t yet know. I’d love to hear any insights you have along these lines.