So much in life doesn’t go according to plan. No matter how responsible I am or how well I plan—things still get away from me sometimes, reminding me of the necessity of relying on the Holy Spirit. Regularly I try to step back from my ministry to ask, “Where is God blessing? How can we do more of what God is already doing?”

One area that God is clearly blessing is our work in transition centers among people in recovery and/or with mental illness. It’s not what we planned in the earliest stages of ViaCordis, but it is where God seems to be leading us. So what do we do with that? How can we do more ministry—and more effective ministry—in this area? How can we help others become involved?

A.W. Tozer once said that if the Holy Spirit left the modern church, 90% of what we do would keep happening.”  I don’t want that to be my church. How can we listen to the Spirit to find more clues about what God is up to? How can we meet him where he is already working? We don’t want to force something that isn’t happening, but to capitalize on what is.