One of my principles for doing ministry– especially with new or small churches– is this: We only do as much ministry as we have leadership to support.

One of the problems new churches face is adding more and more ministries (usually in an attempt to meet needs) without expanding the leadership base. This course of action eventually overloads, and even topples, the leadership base.

For instance, in the early days of a church I started, it seemed that many unchurched people were looking for spiritual stuff for their kids. But we didn’t start by asking how many children’s classes we wanted to offer. We started by asking how many teachers God had given us. At first the answer was none. So we borrowed a couple from Child Evangelism Fellowship. The class age range was for two years old through sixth grade. That’s quite a range. Yet the two year old and the eleven year old were both excited about learning about God and couldn’t wait to come back the next week.

This clearly anointed couple trained others and as the church grew we were able to branch off and grow other classes. But that was only because we had the leadership to support those additional classes.