What’s in a name? Would a rose by any other name smell as sweet?  I’ve traveled a lot in my time and I’ve been keeping a list of my favorite church names. Thought I’d share them with you this Friday. I saved my favorite for last. Enjoy!

Accident Baptist Church

Scum of the Earth (Denver, CO)

Light of the World Baptist Christian Disciples of Christ (South Carolina)

First Church of the Last Chance World on Fire Revival and Military Academy (Dade City, FL)

Ryot (pronounced Riot) Church of the Nazarene (PA)

Free Church Of God In Christ In Jesus Name

King’s Chapel Altar Of Prayer Temple

Prayer House Sanctuary Church Of God In Christ

Holy Ghost Baptist Church Of Miracles , Inc.

Little Flock Baptist Church (7 people) MO near Jefferson City

St. Mary’s Baptist Church Athens, GA

Greater Second Baptist Church Chattanooga, TN

Halfway Baptist Church

Useful Baptist Church (no longer active, but an antique store)

Hell Hole Swamp Baptist Church, South Carolina

Faith Free Lutheran

Little Hope Baptist Church

Boring Seventh Day Adventist, Pastor Elder Dull

Harmony Baptist Church (East Texas); 1/2 mile away is Harmony Baptist Church #2

Logan Uniting Church

Battle Ground Baptist Church

The Big Apple Chapel

Martyr’s Memorial Fundamental Baptist Church (Newbury Park)

Waterproof Baptist Church, Louisiana

Why Not Wesleyan Church, North Carolina

No Hope United Methodist Church, Mississippi

Country Club Christian Church, Kansas City

James Bond United Community Church, Toronto

First United Separated Baptist Church, Indiana

Hell For Certain, Kentucky

No-Name-Yet Presbyterian Church (Smyma, TN)

The Happy Church (Denver, CO)

Thank You Church – Japan (Arigato Kyokai)

New Paradigm Christian Church:  “Not the church you grew up in.” (Indianapolis, IN)

The King’s Dome (near Portland OR, in Washington State)

Hell Seventh Day Adventist (Hell, MI)

St. Martini Lutheran Church (Milwaukee, WI)

Lover’s Lane Episcopal Church

House of Joy Miracle Deliverance Church

And my all-time favorite….  Original Church of God, Number 2