Problem Solving Skill Builder Booklet


The Problem Solving Skill Builder Booklet is an interactive template to help you develop your problem solving skills in an organized and meaningful way.


Effective problem solving skills are crucial for individuals, teams and organizations. Failing to accurately identify problems or failing to resolve them can result in a loss of individual and team motivation, confusion, conflict, a waste of time and resources and an adverse effect on the vision of the team and the wider organization.

The Problem Solving Skill Builder Booklet offers insight and advice to grow your skills in this crucial area. You will learn how to:

  • Accurately identify the issue or problem
  • select and apply tools to generate possible solutions
  • make a decision and/or take action
  • The ability to take these steps effectively requires seven key skills, which are:
  • Critical thinking
  • Data gathering & processing
  • Tool selection
  • Lateral conceptualisation
  • Weighing alternatives
  • Risk assessment
  • Perception & judgement

This Skill Builder focuses what you can do to build your skills in these areas.

Other helpful resources in this area include the Problem Solving & Decision Making Profile, and the Problem Solving Skills Storyboard.


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