Problem Solving Skills Storyboard


This storyboard offers a framework by which you can facilitate the improvement of several key problem solving & decision making skills.


Effective problem solving skills are crucial for individuals, teams and organizations. Failing to accurately identify problems or failing to resolve them can result in a loss of individual and team motivation, confusion, conflict, a waste of time and resources and an adverse effect on the vision of the team and the wider organization. An effective method for solving problems is to use the PREPARE, ASSESS, SOLVE and REVIEW cycle. This storyboard walks you through the four stages in a sequential fashion, expanding upon ten key areas:

  • Recognize and specify the problem
  • Define the problem
  • Break the problem into pieces
  • Collate the data and understand
  • Search for ideas/solutions
  • Evaluate ideas/solutions
  • Select the most appropriate solution
  • Implement the solution
  • Evaluate the chosen solution
  • Assess the resolution impact
  • Assess the real benefits and document

This storyboard can be used with the Problem Solving Skill Builder Booklet and the Problem Solving and Decision Making Profile.


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