Nonlinear Discipleship


In this downloadable recorded webinar we lay out a framework for discipleship that meets people where they’re at. This training provides practical ideas and options for moving from a curriculum approach to a real-life approach to the discipleship journey.


Are you feeling stuck in your discipleship methods? Do you feel like what you’re trying just doesn’t seem to be producing the results you’d hoped for? Let Logan Leadership help you find a new approach– nonlinear discipleship. During this webinar we lay out a framework for discipleship that meets us where we’re at. It works the way God works… not in a straight line, but with pieces here and pieces there that end up fitting together later. This framework is relational, intentional, flexible… yet fully focused on becoming more like Jesus. Because discipleship isn’t just something you learn– it’s something you live out. You can watch this recorded webinar, Nonlinear Discipleship, together with your team. To make it easy to process, you can press pause at certain points in the recording and work through the material in the accompanying workbook. Then come back and watch the next segment together. Do it on your turf on your schedule, and you’ll walk away with the skeleton of a new way of doing discipleship. Immediate delivery — downloadable Webinar recording (MP4) with Discussion Guide (PDF) Note: Permission is granted to the purchaser to reproduce unlimited copies of this discussion guide for use in his/her organization. Permission is granted to the purchaser to show the webinar to others in her/her organization. Please do not distribute either the original PDF or the original recording.