Leadership Effectiveness Profile


The Leadership Effectiveness Profile has been designed to be a self-scoring leadership effectiveness instrument that helps existing leaders and future leaders understand more about their relative skills in this critical area and determine where to target development activities in order to improve those skills.


What does it take to be a leader who lasts to the finish line and finishes much stronger than they started? Although there are different views about what constitutes good leadership, it is possible to distil some key themes or broad categories, from which most effective leaders will draw. Eight major categories have been identified.

  • Emotional intelligence
  • Contextual thinking
  • Directional clarity
  • Creative assimilation
  • Change orchestration
  • People enablement
  • Reciprocal communication
  • Driving persistence

These categories are factors that will impact on an individual’s ability to lead others effectively, in a range of different situations. This could range from leading a large group of people, a small group, a small team, or just a short-term team working on a specific project.

While there is no single competency from this list that will result in effective leadership, all the competencies together, rather like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, result in a picture of effective leadership.

Although primarily intended as a self assessment instrument, the questions have been worded so this tool can also be used in a 180 or 360-degree feedback process where several respondents complete a profile on the same person.

Other helpful resources in this area include the Leadership Coaching Guide with Storyboard and The Leadership Skill Builder Booklet.


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