Just like you, we did some pivoting when Covid hit. We pulled up our list of “Things we want to do” and went to work. One of the top projects surrounded coaching. The goal was twofold: update our coaching resources and organize them so you can access and utilize them easily.  We are really excited to share that work with you!



I’ve partnered with Dr. Gary Reinecke of InFocus to bring you the best of Christian coaching all in one place. We’ve created an online space focused on resources, assessment, and training of Christian coaches.


Whether you are a seasoned coach or just starting out, we have what you need to take your coaching to the next level. The website will offer the BEST books and resources for Christian Coaching including FREE downloadable documents that every coach needs. Additionally, we will have a brand new blog that will be dedicated to coaching. You will be able to subscribe to this blog and get regular coaching tips from top Christian coaches and the latest in Christian coaching resources.


Assessment is a powerful tool for targeted growth. The new website will host the only researched-based 360° Christian Coaching Assessment that is proven to accurately identify your coaching strengths and areas for development. Upon completion of the assessment, your report will direct you to resources that specifically address your needs so you can maximize your time and efforts to raise your effectiveness as a coach.


Gary and I have spent considerable time working on how to develop and equip high caliber Christian coaches for a variety of contexts. With the launch of this website, we will begin offering 5 unique training paths:

  • Independent Self-Study – A great way to kick-start your coaching journey and learn the fundamentals of coaching.
  • Personalized Coach Mentoring – One-on-one mentoring to accelerate your growth as a coach.
  • Equip People to Coach- A training kit with everything you need to train discipleship coaches.
  • Coaching Excellence Track- The next step for experienced coaches who want to raise their effectiveness.
  • Reproducible Coach Training- A training customized to your specific needs so you can multiply coaches in your context.


In conjunction with this new website, we will be releasing a book that I have co-authored with Gary. It’s called Christian Coaching Excellence: Pursuing the Journey of Ongoing Growth. This resource takes you beyond the 5 R’s and outlines a clear pathway for greater coaching effectiveness. It will help you dig deeper by guiding you through specific ways to raise your competence in critical skill areas.

We are excited!

Statistics are clear: the American Church is in decline. We believe we have built something special that meets a deep need and has the potential to change the trajectory from decline to healthy and catalytic growth. Join us in counting down the launch of these exciting new resources!

Photo by Randalyn Hill on Unsplash