Need some help in your ministry this summer

I first met Dr. Charles Ridley when I was a church planter and he was a Professor at Fuller School of Psychology conducting research on the profile of a church planter back in the mid 80s.  I was one of the people being interviewed and was instantly impressed with his character and skill. I’ve learned a lot from him, especially about how to interview properly to find out if the people you’re trying to hire actually have the strengths they need to be able to perform in the position. That skill saved me a lot of pain by screening out people that don’t have the core competencies that are needed and being able to identify those that do.

In the years since, Chuck has become a friend and I’ve gotten to know him in both personal and professional capacities. He has been extremely helpful to me with wisdom in how to deal with dysfunction on a team or in the church. With his godly character, Chuck brings Christian organizations biblically solid and psychologically sound perspectives as he consults with their teams or staff. I can testify to his value as a consultant and trainer, particularly in these areas of expertise:

  • Stages of emotional healing (individual and corporate)
  • Personnel assessment (leaders, church planters, pastors, etc.)
  • Training in selection interviewing
  • Confronting dysfunction
  • Overcoming resistance to change
  • Integrity in leadership

Dr. Charles Ridley is now a Professor of Educational Psychology at Texas A&M.  I wanted to let you know that he has some availability this summer, so if you have any inclination to connect with him on one of these areas, I highly recommend him. The training he gave me in selection interviewing was worth its weight in gold.

You can email Dr. Chuck Ridley here.