Applying NCD growth forces to church planting

Many of you are familiar with NCD and the principles that underlie their process: the six growth forces.  I’ve been wondering how those growth forces apply to church planting, and I’ll be writing a blog series on that.  But for the sake of completeness, here are the six growth forces from Color Your World with Natural Church Development:

  • Interdependence. That means that individual units are connected to each other in a larger system. Changes in one ministry will affect other ministries in the church and community. Everything is connected.
  • Multiplication. That means that healthy organisms do not grow endlessly, but reproduce themselves. As you plan your church plant, you can ask the questions below to consider how what you’re doing contributes to multiplication, not just addition.
  • Energy transformation. That means that momentum or energy already flowing, whether positive or negative, can be redirected to accomplish God’s purposes. We can leverage both positive and negative energy to fulfill God’s purpose.
  • Sustainability. That means that any resources used should increase the capacity for ongoing growth and development, as well as serve multiple purposes. Actions we take now should contribute to future ministry cycles.
  • Symbiosis. That means that different ministries can cultivate cooperative relationships so the mutual benefit is greater than operating separately. Different ministry areas can cooperate with each other and work together to enhance overall effectiveness.
  • Fruitfulness. That means that each ministry needs to produce discernible results in line with its intended purpose. We need evaluate each ministry according to its fruitfulness and find ways to maximize that fruitfulness.
    Color Your World with Natural Church Development

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