This blog entry is from The Eden Projects.  I highly recommend their group study materials on creation care, as well as their ministry around the world.

Creation care study materialsThere are lots of resources to teach Christians how to be good stewards of finances or possessions.  But Scripture clearly shows that God also called His people to be stewards of the planet He created for us.  That is why The Eden Projects, in partnership with Maranatha! Music, created “A Convenient Answer,” a four-session interactive Bible Study that directly addresses the topic of creation care.

Many view creation care as a political issue and something to be avoided in the Church.  But when we read God’s Word, we can see that it is actually a spiritual issue.  From the very beginning, Scripture clearly informs us of God’s plan and desire for us to care for all that He created.  Throughout the Bible we can see that when we fail to be stewards of the land, the land falls into turmoil and needs to be healed. When the land needs to be healed, people suffer.

We believe that creation care is a topic that Christians should be talking about and that together we can make a real world difference both spiritually and environmentally.  This DVD series will be a great tool for you to get that conversation started.

If you would like to order copies of the “Convenient Answer” Bible Study, they are available for a suggested donation of $10 each and can be ordered by contacting The Eden Projects at (626) 872-3770 or at They will also be coming to Family Bible Bookstores this summer.