We need to model the change we want others to embrace. Use the questions I listed in yesterdays’ blog entry as you engage with others in the relationships you already have. Let people experience coaching conversations so they can capture the emotions and the benefits. Most people understand best through experience. Process with them how these questions could be helpful to them in their life and ministry. In this way you’ll be able to extend the culture of coaching to others.

This is how we see Barnabas operating as he influenced others relationally and experientially throughout his ministry. Did you know Barnabas wasn’t his real name? It was a nickname given to him by the Apostles because it means “Son of Encouragement.”  Encouragement means “one called alongside to help” and is taken from the same root word as the Holy Spirit when He is described as our helper. Barnabas was a helpful and encouraging person to have around. He was someone who, instead of taking center stage, empowered others.

***Random pop quiz question: Who knows Barnabas’ real name? If you know it without having to look it up, respond in the comments section. ***