How we can we come alongside one another in times of social distancing? How can we pray together, disciple one another, help people grow, and connect with God? None of that can currently be accomplished through a program, through a gathering, or through a number of online views. But it can still be done through personal connection…. Talking, listening, praying, listening for the voice of the Holy Spirit together, and moving forward in accordance with what God wants.

Pick up the old-fashioned telephone to start on that journey… or use Zoom depending on your preferences… but don’t let those interpersonal conversations go by the wayside during this time. Fight back against the isolation and reach out to someone. We don’t do well in life or following Jesus alone.

As we talk, be sure to listen. Be sure to ask good questions. Listen to the Holy Spirit in those conversations and help others take the next steps toward what they are hearing. Our role is to come alongside people and walk with them as the Spirit guides them on their path of spiritual discovery. Listening for that voice and that direction is as critical as ever.

What I call “the Barnabas approach” to ministry respects and prioritizes the role of the Holy Spirit. How God speaks to others may be quite different from how God speaks to you. And he may be saying different things. Following the voice of the Holy Spirit is personal; it’s not a program. It’s something you can do yourself without any large gathering at all. It’s easily reproducible. And it keeps the main thing the main thing.


Check out Barnabas Ministry for a resource that can help you take the next faithful step… and help you help others to take the next faithful step. See how this ministry of coming alongside and cooperating with what God is already doing allows you to see and participate in the kingdom of God unfolding.

Becoming Barnabas unpacks how learning about the quiet but tremendous power of Barnabas ministry, you can make a difference for the Kingdom of God.


Photo by Ben White on Unsplash