Delegation means sharing the work. We can give some of our tasks to other people. Delegating spreads the workload more evenly and also helps other people develop their skills. As people get better at their new tasks, we can also allow them to make more of the decisions on their own, but we also still meet to talk it through.

Why delegate?

  • To allow the you to focus on what only you can do
  • To share the work more evenly
  • To help another person learn to do new things

When to delegate:

Ask yourself the following questions about each task you have to do. Based on your answers then you can decide if it is a good time to delegate.

  • Does this fit in my job description?
    • If no, delegate
    • Is this something that only I can do?
      • If no, delegate
      • Do I have to be involved in this project for it to be successful?
        • If no, delegate
        • Is there someone else who can do this task?
          • If yes, delegate
          • Can someone else grow or develop by doing this task?
            • If yes, delegate