jesus callingI normally don’t like daily devotionals, but in our church gathering we’ve been working through one together and we’ve seen numbers of people who have been very helped by this book.

Jesus Calling, by Sarah Young, consists of a series of very short, one-page thoughts, written from the vantage point of Jesus as if he’s talking to you in the first person in a way that links with a couple of scripture passages. So many people in our gathering are benefitting from this and experiencing significant transformation that I decided to load it onto my iPad to follow along.

The book has been especially helpful for people who are just learning to develop their personal relationship with God– either those who are new believers or aren’t yet followers of Jesus.  But I’ve found that the book has been very helpful to me as well.  If you go to amazon and click “look inside,” you can read the first few days just to get a flavor of what it’s like.

Jesus Calling: Enjoying Peace in His Presence (with Scripture References)

Written by Sarah Young, these inspirational messages are meant to be exerienced by the reader as though they are in Jesus' voice. Young has paired each day's reading with scriptural references for further study. Themes addressed include thankfulness, trust, and strength.
Hardcover; 382 pages.
Written by Sarah Young

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