Michael Gatlin, pastor of Duluth Vineyard and director of Multiply Vineyard, follows the practice of “investing where you see things growing.”  When you see a particular harvest field yielding good crops, how can you send in more workers to tend and harvest that field? When you see someone is being fruitful, how can you come alongside them in a way that helps them get more fruit?

Investing where you see things growing is a powerful perspective. So often we focus our attention on obstacles and on people who are unwilling to move forward. We pour more and more resources into trying to get these things to grow. In reality, it’s a far better strategy to invest more into what is already growing in order to get more fruit. That’s the John 15 principle: prune back the branches that aren’t bearing fruit so as to divert energy toward branches that are.

Basically, this is just another way of saying, “Find out what God is blessing and do more of that.”