The intuitive solutionSometimes you’ve been working through the discernment process, listening to God and trying to get a clear picture of what he is asking you to do. And then God prophetically gives you the answer. It didn’t flow out of the rational process– it was a quantum leap to solution. You can’t prove it yet. But you can sense it’s absolutely what God would want.

It’s jolting when God just pops something in like that and it comes as a divine insight. What do you do when that happens? How can you engage a process that helps others come on board? If you do that wisely, you’ll end up with confirmation that this is the right direction. Getting the insight is one thing, but processing it through with others is another. You need a strategy for helping people embrace this new solution and help you move toward it.

A biblical example is Nathan. He got the insight about what was going on with David, but he had to pray through and think through how to tell David and others. There is a discernment process both to get the insight and then to figure out how to implement it. Discernment is needed on both fronts.