Map of DiscipleshipWhere are you now?  Where does God have you headed next?  Take a look at our new and improved Map of Discipleship, a free downloadable from Logan Leadership. We have revised an earlier version of this map so that it now corresponds to the eight dimensions listed in our Guide for Discipling. The Guide for Discipling then offers tools for going deeper in your spiritual growth in each of these areas, connecting the map to a helpful set of resources.

Use this visual Map of Discipleship to help you determine where you are focusing in your life of discipleship right now and what direction God might want you to move next. It also offers sample questions for each area that you can use with others to help them determine where they are in their current journey of discipleship.

On the map, each area is a destination city with specific growth points to look at while there. Yet we never stay static on this journey of discipleship. Like the early Apostles, we move from one place to the next, growing, changing and participating in Kingdom work. We make disciples as we are becoming disciples.

This map is one way to help people connect with their personal growth within minutes and then lead into fruitful discussions. It’s also very helpful to give people something where they can visually pinpoint where they are affirmed and doing well, and then identify what’s next for them in their personal discipleship and ministry. Check out the new free downloadable Map of Discipleship here.