Interdependence Applying NCD growth forces to church planting

It seems to me that the six Natural Church Development growth forces can be applied to church planting as well as to church health. Today we’ll tackle interdependence. 

One of the six NCD growth forces is known as interdependence. That means that individual units are connected to each other in a larger system. Changes in one ministry will affect other ministries in the church and community. Everything is connected.

Some questions are listed below that can help church planters determine the church planters can use to assess interdependence as they plan their new church are below:

  • How can discussion with others and engagement with God impact and strengthen your vision?
  • How are individuals connected to each other in the social networks within your target group?
  • How can coaching weave evangelism and discipleship into the leadership development process?
  • How can you cast vision in such a way that each ministry area feels connected to the larger vision?

If you’re a church planter, consider these questions as you plan to ensure that your church becomes as healthy as possible.