In a hurry

Dallas Willard, who recently passed away, once gave some sage advice: “Ruthlessly eliminate hurry.”  One of my friends who knew Dallas personally shared that phrase with me and it has really been resonating.

“Ruthlessly eliminate hurry.” That’s profound, and something I’ve really been thinking about lately. Sometimes it does require a level of ruthlessness to get the hurriedness out of our lives. Sometimes we have to stop doing things that are good things or things we would like to be able to do… simply because we don’t have enough time to do everything.

Now, I think this doesn’t mean that we can’t be busy and have a lot of things going on. I certainly do. I think it means eliminating the hurry, the running around, and the sense of worry associated with having too many things going on. When we’re feeling rushed or frazzled or we’re losing track of things… that’s  a sign that we need to ruthlessly eliminate hurry.