Too often we are afraid to dream for fear of not being able to make the dream reality. But something within us needs to dream, even with the reality is far off down the road. Without those dreams it’s impossible to get there—with them it’s just hard. But there are things we can do, decisions we can make, actions we can take. Many of those actions may be small things, but together many small things can add up to real change.  As Bishop Desmond Tutu said, “Do your little bit of good where you are; it’s those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world.”  If we do that, who knows what could happen someday? We may see the dreams we’ve processed this week begin bridging into reality sooner than we expect. The change starts here, with us.

What can we do? Many, many different things. We can process the meaning of incarnational ministry by attending a Missio Intensive or with a small group of people going through the Tangible Kingdom Primer. We can provide a listening ear to an acquaintance who’s going through a rough time. We can learn more about how to listen and ask questions effectively as a coach by getting missional coach training. We can bring someone who is sick a meal. We can discern where God wants us to go from here through listening prayer or through getting a coach who can help us sift it through. We can disciple or coach or mentor someone along the way. There are many, many other things we can do, some on our own, some alongside others, some formal, some informal. Share here what you think the next step is for you in moving your dreams into reality. And if your dream is very, very big and you’d like some help figuring out next steps, contact me.