Too many Christians think environmentalism is a “soft” or political issue. Yet when we look at scripture, we see that God explicitly called us to be stewards of the environment (Genesis 2:15).

Eden Reforestation Projects takes that calling seriously. Every year Eden plants trees in deforested areas for just 10 cents each. The multiplied effect of this reforestation is huge:  as the trees grow, animals return, rains increase, topsoil is preserved by the roots rather than washed away, the impact of natural disasters is lessened, farmland is replenished, famines are prevented, people are put back to work, and local economies become self-sustaining rather than relying on aid or crime.

Sound good to you?

It sounded good to the people in my church too. People who are part of ViaCordis, my LA-area church, often live on the margins of society and question whether they can make any difference in the huge problems of this world. They’ve been amazingly empowered by Eden Projects. By giving just $10, a recovering addict, a single mom, a recent immigrant, can plant 100 trees, give someone a full day’s work, and participate in the redemption of God’s creation. You should see the effect of giving on the giver. They know they are making a difference in a very tangible way through their generosity, and they know they are addressing the roots of problems rather than the symptoms.

This week we’ll be having a blog series from Steve Fitch, founder and president of Eden Reforestation Projects. As you read the upcoming entries and find out more about Eden Projects, consider participating in your ministries: youth groups, small groups, recovery groups. Anyone can participate and make a difference.

Here’s how you can contact Steve directly.