I have a dream that God would heal the wounds of the broken, and that he would use us to do it. That the emotional wounds of the fatherless, the neglected, and the abused would be healed—that the effects of generational sin would stop here, cleansed by the power of the Holy Spirit. I have a dream that churches would become places of forgiveness rather than judgment. That many believers would serve as listening ears for the hurting all around us. That the Spirit would heal and renew this generation in a way that would allow them not only to survive but to live and thrive and give out from the love that God has showered on them.

19 We love because he first loved us. 20 Whoever claims to love God yet hates a brother or sister is a liar. For whoever does not love their brother and sister, whom they have seen, cannot love God, whom they have not seen. 21 And he has given us this command: Anyone who loves God must also love their brother and sister. —1 John 4:19-21

What would it take to see this vision become a reality? We’d see people offering safe places to process complicated problems. We’d see counseling agencies, anger management classes, 12-step groups, safe homes for unwed mothers or victims of domestic violence.  Places that not only shelter but refresh and renew people, preparing them for a healthier life ahead.

Who are the broken in your sphere of influence?  What can you do to promote healing?