Finding the FlowMany of you know I’ve worked for years alongside with my writer, Tara Miller. She is the reason—for better or worse—that I’m as prolific as I am in my written works.

For a few years, she left to work as a small groups pastor at a church. When she came back—and I’m very glad she did—I found she had written a book for training small group leaders while she was out. She saw a need for it and I suppose she never really stopped writing.

That book, authored by Tara Miller and Jenn Peppers, is called Finding the Flow: A Guide for Leading Small Groups and Gatherings, and I’m excited to announce that Logan Leadership has recently acquired the rights to republish it.

We plan to create an interactive training resource based on Finding the Flow, but for now we are releasing the book to give people a chance to review the ideas and concepts. This is one of the most helpful books by far that I’ve read on how to train small group leaders. It doesn’t major on the minors, but focuses squarely on the essential skills that all group facilitators need regardless of the specifics of the individual group.

Check out the table of contents for a peek at what’s inside. Then buy a copy to read and keep a lookout for a training system coming soon that you can easily take and use in your ministry.  I’m glad to be able to offer these materials for the strengthening of churches and ministries everywhere.